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Based Out of Columbia, South Carolina




Not your average tattoo shop, Cast Ink was born at the intersection of art and technology of tattooing. Our renovated 20ft pull behind creates a mobile tattoo experience that's changing the way the industry and clientele are able to receive & deliver pieces of forever artwork for the best! I also bring to the table the greatest all natural aftercare to be paired with your tattoo. Record healing times with 8 of 10 clients reporting they're fully recovered in under a week! We are taking advantage of the untapped niche, constant specials and 'giveaways', paired with the amazing clientele we accrue, our gallery is what helps propel our difference and continual growth. Click the link below to visit Casts tattoo portfolio. 

The Shop

Pink Sugar

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You can book an appointment here, there will be a $50 invoice sent to your email from Blue Collar Experts. Once paid the booking will be confirmed and no one can steal your time. Bookings are OPEN. See you soon  

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